Ribbetless is a sketch in the episode of the 2010 MAD show Ribbetless/The Clawfice. In this skit, a frog accidentally eats a butterfly and becomes Kermit the Frog. He says he learned how to play the banjo and wrote a great song about a rainbow. Turns out he was'nt the first ("Oh, why are there so many songs about rainbows?") He finds out that the world is "awesome" and starts dancing in a "nite club", when he meets Miss Piggy. She says she taught herself karate in an hour, then accidentally punches Kermit into Fozzy Bear's mouth (Fozzy was in a comedy club next door telling a corny joke.) Kermit says he wants to audition for American Idol, but gets turned down. Then they create The Muppet Show as a better talent show than American Idol. The skit ends with Alfred E. Neuman blowing in a trumpet