Rejected is a skit on the TV show, MAD. It is a segment revealing rejected ideas within various pop culture properties.

The lists that follow are a chronological listing of the Segments' Appearances by Season, and Episode.

List of Skits using the Rejected... Segment Theme in Season OneEdit

  • Rejected Transformers: Autopot, Mowertron, Headgear: The Orthodontal Transformer, Click: The Trasformer who can hide anywhere, and Rentar: The Low-Budget Affordable Transformer (Episode 1)
  • Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters: Speak'N'Swear, Mr. Couch Potato Head, Baby Never Stops Crying, Bizz The Friendly Fax, and Private Space (Episode 4)
  • Rejected Pokémon: Punchachu (Special Attack: Kicking), Glasstar (Special Attack: Frailty), Buzzkill (Special Attack: Indifference), and Your Uncle Hank (Special Attack: Confusion) (Episode 7)
  • Rejected Girl Pout Cookies: Lig-A-Mints, Eagle Pies, Do-Si-Toes, Gag-A-Longs, Cinnamon BearTraps, Pecan Blandies, and Thin Prints(Episode 10)
  • Rejected Superheroes: The Incredible Growing Boy (A boy with the power to grow about an inch a year until his mid-20s. Weakness: Will most likely die in his mid-late 80s.) , Sketch (A girl who can duplicate anyone's likeness. Weakness: Must be in charicature form.), and Altidude (A man with the power to fly at icredible speeds. Weakness: He is still subject to commercial airlines.) (Episode 12)

List of Skits using the Rejected... Segment Theme in Season TwoEdit

Jay-Z as Spider-Man, Jersey Shore's "The Situation" as Sherlock Holmes, Tracy Morgan as a Neyteri and Fred Figglehorn as Edward Cullen (Episode 6)

  • Rejected Auditions


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