"Pokemon Park" is a sketch on the MAD TV show on Cartoon Network. It is a parody of Pokemon and Jurassic Park.

Some people are carrying crates over to a shelf in the middle of a storm. One of the crates is struck by lightning, zapping the Pikachu inside. The Pikachu turns into a monster, and it gets out of the crate, angry and wanting revenge.

Some time later, two very good Pokemon trainers, Misty and Ash, are welcomed on Pokemon Park. Jessie and James are also there, and James says that they are not there to steal the secrets of the park (which they are). The 4 are taken into a building that the Pokemon live in. Ash, who has written books about the species, questions why the Pokemon there do not evolve. It's because they can only evolve if they fight, but they do not fight. However, some get in a fight for the first time, so one of them evolves. Everyone try to get Pokeballs, but they were all stolen by Jessie and James. Meanwhile, James is talking on the phone. He says, "Yeah, we got their balls. Hey, stop laughing!". Magikarp, the most hated alfred of them all, is kicked by Jessie, so it hits a tree and evolves. Ash wonders if it remembers that he called it stupid, and it remembers. Ash and Misty escape on flying devices, and then begin to diss other anime shows without knowing it.


  • Charmander evolving into Charizard was inaccurate. It did not evolve into Charmeleon first.
  • The tour guide said Pokemon cannot evolve unless they fight. This is untrue, as Pokemon can evolve by happiness, evolution stones, trades, or can level up via Rare Candy or Day Care.