MAD Magazine, or MAD, is a magazine that started out as a comic book spoofing other comics in the 1950s. Later, it was changed to a magazine, but still has some spoofs. It also has other comics, such as Spy vs. Spy, and content other than comics, such as Planet Tad. The mascot of MAD is a boy named Alfred E. Neuman, who's motto is , "What, me worry?".

There is a Spy vs. Spy issue out now, and I would like to introduce it to everyone. Antonio Prohias had to flee from Cuba before Castro henchmen were going to kill him because of his anti-communist comics. Spy vs. Spy was one of his many comics, but it is by far the most popular. There are not many newspapers left with Spy vs. Spy in them, but the ones remaining are very valuable. So, if you have any left, KEEP THEM!

MAD has many actual books now, too! From books like the Bathroom Companion Series, to the Neumanisms, MAD is shown throughout history. To get Spy vs. Spy equipment, go to This is the official store for Spy vs. Spy!

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