Build a Beiber is a MAD skit that was a parody of the famous "Build a Bear Workshop",where you could design your own Justin Beiber.The graphics made an animation of Usher,with his head as if there was a picture taken of it,and Justin Beiber's head was the same thing only his body was just a white fabric that needed to be designed.

Quotes from the skit:

"HI, I'm Usher.As you know,I was the one who discovered Justin Beiber.But he didn't come out the way I wanted him to,so that's why I opened Build a Beiber.Here,you can eat Justin Beiber however you want him."

Justin:"I'm from Canada!"

Usher:"He could be a male stripper,"

"I'm from Canada!"

Beta tester:"Shut that baby up!"

Usher: Or a girly girl for watermelon parties,"

Beta tester #2:"Care for some tea or chicken underpants?"

"Is it Slovakian?"

Usher:"Whatever he becomes you'll be satisfied with your Justin come on over to Build a Beiber now!"

Build A Beiber was also featured in the television show "Mad TV" Where in it, the same type of idea was produced.