Batman Family Feud is a short skit for the TV show, MAD. It parodies the TV show Batman and the reality game show Family Feud.340px|right

It opens with an outside view of Batman's secret lair. His butler tells him that the Riddler was planning on capturing the audience at the Family Feud show. Batman thinks that it was from a riddle the Riddler gave them, but it was instead on the channel guide. The butler said he had tried to get them tickets, but the had been sold out for months. They then decided to go into the show as contestants. On the show, they were playing against the Berkel family. During the first faceoff, the question was "name something you find on a bookshelf". Batman buzzed in saying, "bat poles" which was not on the board. Batman then demanded for another question, and the next question was "name something you find in a cave". Batman buzzed in, saying "computers" and it wasn't on the board. Lola, a member of the Berkel family said, "rocks" which was on the board. She decides to play, then Batman went back to the rest of the gang. Robin then says that he was going to look for the Riddler backstage, reminding Batman that they were there to capture the Riddler.

Backstage, Robin then spots a makeup artist with a contestant. He thinks it was the Joker, attacking the contestant. The makeup artist asks why he attacked, but Robin then attacks her too, thinking she was a henchman for the Joker. Then he remembers they were looking for the Riddler, not the Joker. Returning back to the stage, Robin asks who they were doing. It shows Batman in another faceoff. The question was, "name something a penguin does". Batman buzzes in and says "robs banks" and it wasn't any answer. Batman thens leaves the stage, and finds the Riddler with a group of men tied together. He then tells the Riddler he was under arrest, but they make a deal, the Riddler saying that he would rig the questions so he could win the game if Batman let him go.

Batman is then shown in the Fast Money round. The first question was, "name something you wear on your head" and Batman says, "a cowl" The second question was, "name something exchanged on a first date" and Batman answers "a battle rang" and the last question was "name Batman's secret identity" and he answers, "Bruce Wangs" winning the game. He is at first happy, but then realizes that the Riddler had tricked him into giving away his identity.