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Moments before Jake and Blue's chase...

"Avaturd" is the first half of the pair of sketches in the pilot episode of Cartoon Network animated TV series MAD. The episode aired September 6, 2010. It mostly parodies the 2009 film Avatar. The other half of the pair of sketches is CSiCarly.



On Pandora, Jake Smelly (referencing to Jake Sully) is tasked to learn the ways of the Na'vi, since The A-Team failed to fit into one pod. His avatar is transported much like in the real movie, but Dr. Grace Augustine transports into a life-sized blue M&M. She spots a giant Blue whom pursues Jake through the jungle. Jake is chased until Neytiri beats Blue with her stick. She and Jake meet, and Neytiri shows Jake the rest of her kind (aka the rest of the Na'vi), that live under the Tree of Souls. Jake "passes out" after Neytiri shows him their leaders (Papa Smurf, Sesame Street's Grover, and a blue Keyboard cat). He turns out to be brought back to be reminded to find the "Stupidnamium", a precious mineral named in the hands of Alfred E. Neuman. Later, he lately reminds the Na'vi that their Tree of Souls would be destroyed, just as it is demolished. Colonel Miles Quaritch crashes in with his "Blutendo" he got for his birthday, and quickly blows Jake directly by the transport pod by the real Jake Smelly. Neytiri hisses at Col. Quaritch, but instantly tricks him into opening his glass shield to get bowed in the chest. The Blutendo crashes onto the transporter pod. Neytiri then rushes Jake to the ICU room. Afterward, Jake is then accepted as a member, of which The Lion King's Rafiki holds up Jake to the light, like he held Simba up.

This segment parodies Avatar, Blue's Clues, The Smurfs, Sesame Street, the Keyboard Cat (the YouTube Character), Nintendo, and The Lion King.